Monday, January 3, 2011

Wow, haven't posted since last year!

Pretty crazy. Haven't posted in some time now.
So much stuff to comment on....
Lets see. In no particular order...
I've seen Dutch people ice skating on the pond here in the neighborhood (which is 2 to 3 meters deep).
I've celebrated New Years with Esmee, her grandparents, her uncle Gerard and his family.
We shot lots of fireworks, inflated some hope balloons, had a great time.
I got a guitar, a guitar case, and Boondock Saints 1 and 2 Blu-ray for Christmas. The guitar from Esmee and the other 2 things from her grandmother. In reality Esmee told her grandmother I would love those things, so lots of kudos to her, jejeje.
I got sick last week and had pain all over my body and some fever. Couldn't go to the Escher Museum OR Ikea on Wednesday. For those of you that don't know, I really like the Escher paintings and had wanted to go to the museum since the first time I heard of it, and I just love Ikea.
We went to Esmee's second cousin, Kai's, birthday and I spoke more Dutch. One of Esmee's second uncles invited me to watch a football game if I'm here more during the season. He is a Feyenoord fan, but Esmee's other uncle, Kai's father, is an Ajax fan, so they seemed to make fun at each other quite a lot. Overall it was a great evening.
We babysat Nina again, was really fun, we ate pizza, drank Taksi Pineapple juice, but Nina wouldn't fall asleep. I drove us there and back, so it was always fun to drive on the snow.
I drove Esmee to Pijnacker to pick up Julia, then to Zoetermeer and I dropped them off at Imke's for a girls night that they were going to have. Sounds like they had fun except for Imke's choice for a movie, if you want to know about it, ask Esmee. I picked them up and then we went home.
On Christmas Eve we went out to eat at McDonalds because I really REALLY wanted to eat a Big and Tasty, since they don't have those in the US anymore. It was worth it. Pretty much we all got Big Tasty's except for Esmee, who got 2 cheesburgers.
It snowed some more spontaneously here and there time and time again. The snow was pretty much untouched until this past week, when temperatures became constant at a high of 2C, and by today I think most of the snow all around here has melted.
Hopefully this thursday we will got o the Naturallis in Leiden. I'll probably drive on the highway and all, will be exciting! Not that it would be my first time though, since one time last summer on the way back from Zoetermeer Esmee's GPS sent us like all the way to The Hague to do a U-turn and then go back towards Berkel on another exit. Yes, her GPS is very weird.
It's very weird to think that I'm leaving in 10 days... I just realized that today....
It's like all this vacation is ending way too soon.
And suddenly next week on Thursday I'll be flying to NY.
It all gets me a bit depressed really.
But I guess I'll just have to enjoy these last days here even more and do as much as possible.
Which reminds me, I'll finish this blog right now. I'll write later in a couple of days.
Oh, btw.
I bought Esmee a ring and earrings for Christmas. She loved them. Too bad the ring is a bit small, but on Wednesday we'll have to go and change it for another one I guess.
I hope you all started a great year great and keep good energy, good thoughts, and a good vibe. I have a feeling this year will be good.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this. Almost like I'm there. Makes me want to go.