Saturday, May 22, 2010


Vamos loco!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!
I drove in Rotterdam yesterday!!!!! Hahaha, it was in the busiest part of Rotterdam too!!!!!
And I didn't drive into any canals or trees either!
Anyways, guess I'll catch you guys up on everything since the airport.
Schiphol airport in Amsterdam is really nice. Very big, but nice. Walked all around and finally found the immigration thing. Showed my passport, walked through, then grabbed my bag, and walked through to the other side. But.... Esmee was nowhere to be seen. I moved up and to the side and started looking around. I finally saw her and I came up from behind and scared her, it was AWESOME!!!
After that we went to take the train, I drank some yogurt cuz I was very thirsty, and we went to put some money on my OV-Chipkaart. We helped some lady from France who was also Spanish and lived in the US to get a train ticket too. After that we went downstairs and waited for our train. We took the train to Den Haag (The Hague) and it was a really nice ride. I saw like 4 different kinds of windmills! We stopped at Den Haag Centraal, right next to the business district of The Hague, and we took the Randstad Rail then, like the regional train of Rotterdam, Zoetermeer, and Den Haag. We saw lots of sheep and cows and then we got off at Pijnacker Zuid. There, Ramon (Esmee's dad) was waiting for us, we went to the grocery store and then to the house. That night we ate pancakes/crêpes for dinner, and then went to bed.
On Wednesday, I slept until like 12:30, then Esmee came back from her internship, we went to the Dorp (the Market in downtown Berkerl en Rodenrijs), its a really nice place. We went grocery shopping again but with Esmee's mom, Ingrid, and I went with Esmee to rent a couple of books at the library. After that, Esmee went to work at 5, and then at 7 when she came back we had dinner.
On Thursday Esmee went to her internship, then we went to her grandparent's for dinner and her uncle Arie came over too. After that we went to sleep.
Friday was a bit more exciting. Esmee went to her internship, I played Halo and Fable with Esmee's brothers, we watched some TV, then Esmee went to work and then at 7 I met up with her in downtown Berkel en Rodenrijs. We went grocery shopping, we went back to her house, ate some pizza, and then I drove to Rotterdam with Ramon and Esmee to get Esmee's mom! It was an awesome experience!
Today we are going to buy some fish for Esmee, probably, and tomorrow we are going to watch a movie, have dinner, and then going on the train to the campsite with Esmee's family. I'll update again sometime next week!

I'm HERE!!!!! YA LLEGUE!!!!!

I still can't believe it.
Here I was Sunday, getting all my stuff together and ready for my trip, and now I AM HERE!!!!! I guess I should catch you guys up. This last week I had my last exams, I think I did pretty good, even though the Statistics one was very hard. Then I mostly just stayed at the apartment, waiting until Thursday when Josh and Chino had their last exams. Then that night Josh played the guitar and I joined him with the harmonicas! It was very fun, we hadn't played some songs for a while, and it was kind of sad when one of his guitar's strings broke.
The next morning, on Friday, I had to do a couple chores, go to Wal-Mart to buy some things and print some pictures, and then after that I went to the lake with Pichu. Chino and El Pelado (Jeff) joined us a couple hours later. We were there for a while, it was fun, and then Darvir joined us for a bit. After that, we went to my last Railhawks game until August 18th, against Tampa Bay. It was Pichu's, Jeff's, and Josh's first game, and it sucked, we lost. That night we didn't do anything, I went to sleep, woke up the next morning and Josh was gone to DC.
The apartment stank, and as always, the job came down to me to check the fridge to see WHAT was causing that horrible smell. Unluckily, for me at least, my nose lead me to the chicken breasts that Chino had left there.... 3 months ago..... They had started turning green, no wonder the kitchen was stinking so bad! Chino apologized and took them out to the trash. That day we went back out to the lake but with Alan, Pichu, and Chino. We ate some choripanes, and then by the time the lake was closing we picked up Carlos and went to the depto. We watched Sherlock Holmes, a very good movie.
On Sunday I packed up my stuff and hung out with Carlos. At night we met up with Chris at Crossroads and watched Iron Man 2, it was pretty awesome.
I went to sleep like the second I got back home, and then I woke up early to go to the AAA to get my International License!!!!!
After that I met up with Alan at the depto, finished packing up my stuff, and then said bye to him and picked up my dad. We went to my parents house, Darvir came over to say bye, I had some lunch, and then I went to the airport.
Check in and everything went by easily, I said bye to my dad, called my mom to say bye, and then went into the terminal. Then I got a Facebook text saying that Alan had been in a car crash! NO!!! I called him but he was okay. We then got inside the airplane and after moving to the other side of RDU, the pilot notified us there was a 30 minute delay because of traffic up in the DC/NY corner. Finally we took off and then we arrived in Philadelphia like an hour later. I got to my gate and they were about to start boarding! We boarded like 40 minutes early but then we were waiting to take off like almost 2 hours! After being an hour behind we finally got up in the air, and then I was relieved. At least I would land in Europe if the stupid Icelandic Volcano made my flights destination change. Luckily we arrived in Amsterdam, and even 20 minutes early! We did see the ash cloud from the sky, it was VERY big and shapeless.
I'll put my adventures from this past week in another blog post, this one will get too big.

Todavía no lo puedo creer!
Aca estaba yo el Domingo preparando mis cosas y ahora YA ESTOY ACA!!!!! VAMO LOCO!!!!!
Bueno, estos últimos días antes de haber llegado estuve muy ocupado.
Pasé por el banco, por Wal-Mart, fui el viernes y el sábado al lago y vi 2 películas con mis amigos. Pero voy a empezar con el principio.
Estuve esperando toda la semana hasta el jueves, que tanto se tardaba en llegar. Tuve mi último exámen el Lunes, pero el Chino y Josh tenían sus últimos exámenes el jueves, y una vez que los tomaron, cuando yo llegué al depto a la noche, por fin volvimos a tocar música con Josh! La pasamos re bien, él tocando la guitarra mientras yo lo acompañaba con la armónica. Después el Viernes fui al lago con el Pichu, y el Chino, Jeff y Darvir vinieron después. A la noche fui a mi último partido de los Railhawks hasta el 18 de Agosto. Me acompañaron el Chino, Pichu, Jeff, y Josh, lo cual fue impresionante dado que era el primer partido de los últimos 3. Lo mejor de todo fue que conseguimos 3 tickets gratis!!! Lo peor de todo fue que perdimos....
El sábado, fuimos al lago de nuevo, Alan, Pichu, y el Chino me acompañaron. La pasamos muy bien, escuchando música del celular :-P y comimos unos choripanes. El lago estaba un poco fresco, pero como decíamos con el Pichu, era refrescante. Esa noche cuando volvíamos lo buscamos a Carlos y después fuimos al depto. Vimos Sherlock Holmes, muy buena la peli la verdad.
El domingo estuve todo el día con Carlos y esa noche fuimos a ver Iron Man 2 con Chris en el cine de Crossroads. El lunes estuve terminando de empacar, saqué mi registro Internacional, me despedí de Alan, y después fui con papi a casa. Ahí almorcé, vino Darvir y me despedí de él, y después fui al aeropuerto. Ahi me despedí de papi, llamé a mami, y después me fui a la terminal. Fue entonces que me enteré que Alan había estado en un accidente automovilistico! NO!!! Lo llamé pero estaba bien por suerte. Después me fui al avión, y el piloto nos dijo que ivamos a estar atrasados como 30 minutos porque había mucho tránsito en el area de DC y NY. Por suerte llegamos bien a Filadelfia y como 15 minutos después ya estaba entrando al otro avión. Después el piloto nos dijo que ivamos a estar como una hora y media o 2 horas en la pista antes de despegar, porque había mucho tránsito aéreo. Por fin despegamos con una hora de atraso y ahí me pude relajar, al menos a Europa iva a llegar. Desde el cielo se veía toda la nube de cenizas del volcán Islándico. Por suerte el avión aterrizó en Amsterdam, y hasta 20 minutos antes de la hora planeada originalmente!
Bueno, les contaré mis aventuras aca en Holanda empezando en otro artículo, porque este ya se está quedando muy grande.
Saludos para todos!


Friday, May 7, 2010

10 days left 'til EUROPE!!!!! 10 días y estoy en Europa!!!!!

Okay. So I have to start somewhere.
So I guess, the truth is that everyday is part of a long trip, right?
For example, today was my last day at work before going to Europe next Monday.
Of course, the car worked fine in the morning.
But in the afternoon I had to go take my Industrial Engineering 110 final at 14:00. Of course, the car wouldn't start then. Luckily my roommate Josh took me to take my final.
I guess there is always people around when we travel, you know? Some are just like the people sitting on the bus or on the airplane, but others are more involved in helping you get through with your trips. Luckily I have friends for that, and my girlfriend of course ;-)
Now its up to seeing whats wrong with the car, ONCE again. Hopefully nothing major, and hopefully my mechanic will be a good passenger in this trip :-P
BLAH, WHO CARES! I'm leaving in just over a week!!!!!
I'm starting to get all my pre-trip anxiety. Though it still feels like its SOOO FAR AWAY....
But I have to realize that its not!
Anyways, for the weekend I guess I'll just study more and then on Monday I'll take my last 2 exams. Then its off to Myrtle Beach to get Esmee some Taffy (She really REALLY loved it :-P) and then just hang out with "Los Vagos" before going to Europe.
Guess I'll update sometime next week or else when I'm in the Netherlands! WOOHOO!!!!!

Bueno. Creo que en algún momento debo empezar este Blog de mis viajes.
Y bueno..... parece que todos los días son como una parte de un viaje muy largo, no?
Resulta que hoy fue mi último día de trabajo antes de irme a Europa la próxima semana.
Obviamente, mi auto anduvo bien durante la mañana. Pero cuando lo necesitaba para ir a tomar mi examen final de Ingenieria Industrial 110, ya no quería arrancar. Por suerte tengo un buen compañero aca en el depto, Josh, quien me llevo a tomar la prueba.
Asi me di cuenta de esto. Todos los días son como viajes. Siempre hay otros pasajeros. Pero algúnos son como los de un bondi, otros como los de un avion, y bueno, hay algúnos que son buena companía y otros que no. Por suerte tenemos amigos, y bueno, yo también tengo a mi novia ;-)
Ahora parece que es cuestión de ver que carax tiene la macchina de nuevo. Con suerte mi mecánico se hace un "buen pasajero" en este viaje y me lo repara todo bien. Ya estoy harto de que se rompa el Civic!
Bue, ni que me importara demasiado ya. Me voy a Europa en un poquitititito mas de una semana!!!!! VAMO LOCO!!!!!
Pero todo es muy raro ahora, porque me siento un poco nervioso, pero a la vez se siente como que me quedan meses hasta que me vaya, vieron? Entonces, es como una realidad alterna, jejeje.
Y bue, ya el finde estaré estudiando y después el lunes tomo mis últimos finales, voy a Myrtle Beach con quien quiera venir, le compro Taffy a Esmee (le re encantó :-P) y después me juntaré un cacho con Los Vagos y ya el Lunes me voy para Europa a estar con Esmee!!!!!
Asique si no pongo algo la próxima semana, ya escribiré algo la otra.


El Tano, Javi