Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Okay..... I got a couple of things to say...

I have a couple of things to say.
First of all, if you haven't tried it yet, and you're using Google Chrome, you should get Add Speech extension and the Angry Birds for Chrome extension. They are awesome.

Now on to more serious business.
I had a foot wart. It first appeared when I was like 8 or 9. Now it's back. It came back last October or so.
My wart after it fell off some 30 minutes ago today.
The hole on my foot, with some blood from the old scar.
At first I just left it there, it was small and I didn't care. But now I have been fighting it with Walgreens brand Maximum Strength Wart Remover Liquid. It has like 17% Salicylic Acid. Today I saw the first big effects of Salicylic Acid. I was playing the guitar. And I got an itch on my foot. Without thinking about it, I scratched and BAM! The wart started peeling off with my skin. I had kind of broken the papillae before just because I was confusing my skin with the removal liquid, so there was a little crust along with the skin. But that's not the point. The point is that it just pretty much fell right off. Sure, it's not gone completely and I still might have a couple more weeks of treatment, maybe less. But can we use a mix of  this with some Salicylic Acid to help fight cancer? Can we use it at least for skin cancer?

Think about it.
Apply patches or bandages with some good concentration of Salicylic Acid. Moisten and change patches every 12 hours. Over the course of time, the skin gets ready to peal off. And then suddenly, we have no more skin cancer!!!

The bubble that forms when you apply the Salicylic Acid.
I'm sure it's not as easy as that.

But think about all the money saved. Think about all the pain and suffering you'd be saving your patients from. There's so much to do with this!!!
Somebody really needs to start doing some serious research as to how we can make a good concentration of Salicylic Acid that will play together with the other cure to make the cells die and to make the cells shed.

The only thing I can think that would limit it would be the fact that you could only use it for skin cancer. I guess it might not be very applicable to other types. But that doesn't mean it's not worth a try, does it???

I hope somebody who's going into biomedical engineering or something like that reads this blog. Don't forget to credit me for this idea later on!

Anyways. Those are the big things I had to say.

Other than that, my future plans...
If you don't know yet, in August I'm going to The Netherlands to study at TU Delft!!! I got accepted!!! Woo!!!!! I'm super excited, and really looking forwards to doing lots of research and work.
But before that, Esmee is coming here in July!!! WOOHOO!!!!!! That I'm definitely excited for.
And I surprised her, bought her the ticket, and now I told her the plan of going to Orlando so we can go to Disney World and Universal Studios!!! 2011 is going so much better!!!

Well friends, that is all for now I guess. I'll update you all sometime next week, after all, Wednesday May 25th is my 21st birthday, hehe.

Have a good week!


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