Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The President of the United States of America! (And update on life)

At Reynolds Coliseum to see Obama! Im at NCSU and Im going to see Obama! This is so fricking cool!!!!! Its full of people and its so hot. I think, and hope, that this will start soon! Ill update this later.


That event was FRICKING AMAZING!!!!! I don't know what to say about it! It was just awesome. The NCSU Marching Band played great music, then there was a small business owner talking, and then I saw the President! (granted, I was across the coliseum from him, but still, I saw him! I saw Obama!)

I took some pictures and videos of it all. Most are up on Facebook already, and I'll add some to the blog later this week. Now that we're almost in the beginning of December :-P

I do hope that the whole American Jobs Act passes. This recession is really getting annoying now... Hopefully France, Germany, and the US can plan something to try to get everything sorted out. And China should join in and help too. Obama is a great speaker, but the Congress hasn't been doing what we have been wanting it to do. Reminds me of what in Argentina is the "Que se vayan todos" movement some years ago, where people would vote so that NOBODY got re-elected and to see some new faces in Congress. I wonder if that would be of any help here nowadays. Get some fresh minds in there.

Moving on... Occupy Movement. What do we do about it? What are we doing with it? What is it doing? To tel you the truth, I hope that they do get SOMETHING done. I've gone by Occupy Raleigh some times, and I have stayed there a while. Good people, very educated and most of them know what they are talking about. But how can we all become part of a solution to work together? Clearly the neoliberalism and capitalist corporations have been ruining us... But so has our own government, whom we are supposed to be part of. So what can be done about it all? Clearly we need to go out and vote and call our Senators and Congressmen what we want, the issues that are important to us, and make sure that they know we are not to be played with.

Next thing... Relationships. They are hard. Long distance just means they get exponentially harder by the centimeter. I guess in the end, everything that can happen will happen, and we just have to make the best of everything. We have to learn from our mistakes, crawl before we stand up, and walk before we run. If you love somebody, will you let them go? Food for thought people.

Well, I have enjoyed updating my blog again, hehe. But I have to go do some homework and study. Finals are coming up! I am pretty ready for my French test of course, Industrial Engineering shouldn't be too bad. Physics will be tough, but I think I can take it. Chinese (yes, I'm learning Mandarin) should be interesting. I'm doing pretty good this semester, so really looking forwards to teh classes next semester! Anyways, I have to go study! Wish me luck people! Good bye! To a good future and a great week!

El Tano

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